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Vidushi Smt. Vasanthamadhavi

Vidushi Vasanthamadhavi is a multifaceted personality- a performing musician, teacher, composer, organizer and musicologist. Her contribution in all these areas is extremely significant. Having performed all over India and the USA, she has also delivered several lecture demonstrations, presented innumerable papers in seminars and contributed articles to local as well as international periodicals. As principal Ragashree College of Music, Vid. Vasanthamadhavi has trained talented performing artists to carry on traditions in the music world. As a composer, she has pioneered compositions on Ashta Dikpalakas, Sapta Rishis, Agatya, Ganga, Ashwini Devas, etc. She has also composed Sri Venkateshwara Navaratna Maalika, a set of 9 krithis in praise of Lord Venkateshwara in very rare ragas, set in different Vibhaktis.

Vidushi Vasanthamadhavi has several awards to her credit, significant ones being- Karnataka Kalashree (Govt. of Karnataka), Sangita Vaggeya Bhushini, Shastra Koustubha, Swarabhushini and Kalaradhanashri. Her book 'Theory of Music' which details the theoretical aspects of music has proved most useful to teachers and students alike.