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"Sree Naathaadi Guruguho Jayathi"- an album of traditional Carnatic compositions was released as a funded initiative of the United Arts Council, North Carolina, USA.

To order a copy of this CD, please use the Contact page- online ordering/dowloads coming shortly......


1. Nee daya rada- A beautiful varnam in Andolika ragam composed by Sri. G.N. Balasubramaniam. A Carnatic concert typically starts with a varnam which not only serves as a warm-up for the artists but also sets the pace for the concert. The practice of commencing a concert with a varnam and subsequent present-day concert format was pioneered by Sri Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar.

2. Sree naathaadi guruguho jayathi- This is Muthuswami Dikshitar's first composition, tuned to Mayamalavagowla ragam. Legend has it that Dikshitar had meditated for 40 days at the shrine at Tiruttani, at the end of which an old man appeared before him and asked Dikshitar to close his eyes and open his mouth. The old man is said to have put a piece of sugar into Dikshitar's mouth upon which he burst into the composition "Sree Naathaadi Guruguho Jayathi" - Victory to Lord Guruguha.


Muthuswamy Dikshitar was an extremely prolific composer. All his compositions use the Itaranama Mudra- 'Guruguha'; this composition also contains the raaga mudra "Mayamalavagowla" in the charanam. Another salient feature of this krithi is that every line in the charanam begins with "Ma" - a prominent note in Mayamalavagowla ragam.

3. Aashraye dina raja- This krithi is perhaps one of the only/few krithis is praise of the Ashwini Devatas, celestial physicians of the Gods. Composed by my guru Smt. Vasanthamadhavi, the krithi is tuned to Amritavarshini ragam.

4. Nannu paalimpa- One of Sri. Thyagaraja's masterpieces in Mohana ragam, this is the main presentation on the CD. Thyagaraja is said to have spontaneously burst into this krithi upon seeing his student walk towards him with a painting of Lord Rama- "Did you come by foot in order to protect me? O Lord of my life!"

The elements of manodharma (improvisation) - alapana, neraval and swara prasthara are present in this rendition.

5. Hari Narayana - A composition of the Sangeetha Pitamaha (Father of Carnatic Music) Sri Purandara Dasa, this composition is tuned as a ragamalika in the ragas Senchurutti, Sindhu Bhairavi and Manirangu.

6. Thillana - A composition of Sri Mysore Vasudevacharya in the rare raga Suddha Salavi (Arohana: S G2 M1 P N2 S Avarohana: S N2 P M1 R2 S)

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Grateful Acknowledgements

Sri B. Raghuram, Sri N. Vasudev, Sri Srishylan

Sri Anatharam, B.T.M. Cultural Academy

Sri Gokul Abhishek, Music Mint

Sri Sethu Subramanian

United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County